Horde_Token The Horde_Token:: class provides a common abstracted interface into the various token generation mediums. It also includes all of the functions for retrieving, storing, and checking tokens.
Horde_Token_Base The Horde_Token_Base:: class provides a common abstracted interface for a token implementation.
Horde_Token_Exception Exception handler for the Horde_Token package.
Horde_Token_Exception_Expired Indicates an expired token.
Horde_Token_Exception_Invalid Indicates an invalid token.
Horde_Token_Exception_Used Indicates a used token.
Horde_Token_File Token tracking implementation for local files.
Horde_Token_Mongo Token tracking implementation using MongoDB.
Horde_Token_Null The Horde_Token_Null:: class provides a null implementation of the token driver.
Horde_Token_Sql Token tracking implementation for PHP's PEAR database abstraction layer.
Horde_Token_Translation Horde_Token_Translation is the translation wrapper class for horde/Token.