Horde_Mime_Viewer The Horde_Mime_Viewer:: class provides an abstracted interface to render MIME data into various formats. It depends on both a set of Horde_Mime_Viewer_* drivers which handle the actual rendering, and a configuration file to map MIME types to drivers.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Audio The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Audio class sends audio parts to the browser for handling by the browser, a plugin, or a helper application.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Base The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Base:: class provides the API for specific viewer drivers to extend.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Deb The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Deb class renders out lists of files in Debian packages by using the dpkg tool to query the package.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Default The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Default class simply prints out the encapsulated content. It exists as a fallback if no other intelligent rendering mechanism could be used.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Enriched The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Enriched class renders out plain text from enriched content tags, ala RFC 1896.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Exception Exception handler for the horde/Mime_Viewer package.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Html The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Html class renders out HTML text with an effort to remove potentially malicious code.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Images The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Images class allows images to be displayed.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Msexcel The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Msexcel class renders out Microsoft Excel documents in HTML format by using the Gnumeric package.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Mspowerpoint The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Mspowerpoint class renders out Microsoft Powerpoint documents in HTML format by using the xlHtml package.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Msword The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Msword class renders out Microsoft Word documents in HTML format by using the AbiWord package.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Ooo The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Ooo class renders out OpenOffice.org documents in HTML format.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Pdf The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Pdf class simply outputs the PDF file with the content-type 'application/pdf' enabling web browsers with a PDF viewer plugin to view the PDF file inside the browser.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Plain The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Plain class renders out plain text with URLs made into hyperlinks (if viewing inline).
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Rar The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Rar class renders out the contents of .rar archives in HTML format.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Report The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Report class is a wrapper used to load the appropriate Horde_Mime_Viewer for multipart/report data (RFC 3462).
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Rfc822 The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Rfc822 class renders out messages from the message/rfc822 content type.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Richtext The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Richtext class renders out HTML text from text/richtext content tags, (RFC 1896 [7.1.3]).
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Rpm The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Rpm class renders out lists of files in RPM packages by using the rpm tool to query the package.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Rtf The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Rtf class renders out Rich Text Format documents in HTML format by using the UnRTF package.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Security The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Security class is a wrapper used to load the appropriate Horde_Mime_Viewer for secure multipart messages (defined by RFC 1847). This class handles multipart/signed and multipart/encrypted data.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Simple The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Simple class renders out plain text without any modifications.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Smil The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Smil renders SMIL documents to very basic HTML.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Syntaxhighlighter The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Syntaxhighlighter class renders source code appropriate for highlighting with http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Tgz The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Tgz class renders out plain or gzipped tarballs in HTML.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Tnef The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Tnef class allows MS-TNEF attachments to be displayed.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Translation Horde_Mime_Viewer_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Mime_Viewer.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Wordperfect The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Wordperfect class renders out WordPerfect documents in HTML format by using the libwpd package.
Horde_Mime_Viewer_Zip The Horde_Mime_Viewer_Zip class renders out the contents of ZIP files in HTML format.