Horde_Injector_Binder Describes a binding class that is able to create concrete object instances.
Horde_Injector_Scope Interface for injector scopes


Horde_Injector Injector class for injecting dependencies of objects
Horde_Injector_Binder_AnnotatedSetters This is a binder that finds methods marked with @inject and calls them with their dependencies. It must be stacked on another binder that actually creates the instance.
Horde_Injector_Binder_Closure A binder object for binding an interface to a closure.
Horde_Injector_Binder_Factory A binder object for binding an interface to a factory class and method.
Horde_Injector_DependencyFinder This is a simple class that uses reflection to figure out the dependencies of a method and attempts to return them using the Injector instance.
Horde_Injector_Exception Injector exception class.
Horde_Injector_TopLevel Top level injector class for returning the default binding for an object