Horde_Argv_AmbiguousOptionException Raised if an ambiguous option is seen on the command line.
Horde_Argv_BadOptionException Raised if an invalid option is seen on the command line.
Horde_Argv_Exception Exception handler for the Horde_Argv library.
Horde_Argv_HelpFormatter Provides HelpFormatter, used by Horde_Argv_Parser to generate formatted help text.
Horde_Argv_IndentedHelpFormatter Format help with indented section bodies.
Horde_Argv_Option Defines the Option class and some standard value-checking functions.
Horde_Argv_OptionConflictException Raised if conflicting options are added to a Horde_Argv_Parser.
Horde_Argv_OptionContainer Abstract base class.
Horde_Argv_OptionException Raised if an Option instance is created with invalid or inconsistent arguments.
Horde_Argv_OptionGroup An option group allows to group a number of options under a common header and description.
Horde_Argv_OptionValueException Raised if an invalid option value is encountered on the command
Horde_Argv_Parser Horde command-line argument parsing package.
Horde_Argv_TitledHelpFormatter Format help with underlined section headers.
Horde_Argv_Translation Horde_Argv_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Argv.
Horde_Argv_Values Result hash for Horde_Argv_Parser