Horde_Tree The Horde_Tree class provides a tree view of hierarchical information. It allows for expanding/collapsing of branches.
Horde_Tree_Exception Exception handler for the Horde_Tree package.
Horde_Tree_Renderer The Horde_Tree_Renderer class contains constants and a factory for the tree renderers.
Horde_Tree_Renderer_Base The Horde_Tree_Renderer_Base class provides the abstract interface that all drivers must derive from.
Horde_Tree_Renderer_Html The Horde_Tree_Renderer_Html class provides HTML specific rendering functions.
Horde_Tree_Renderer_Jquerymobile The Horde_Tree_Renderer_Jquerymobile class provides rendering of a tree as a jQuery Mobile list view.
Horde_Tree_Renderer_Select The Horde_Tree_Renderer_Select class provides <option> tag rendering.
Horde_Tree_Renderer_Simplehtml The Horde_Tree_Renderer_Simplehtml class provides simple HTML rendering of a tree (no graphics).