Horde_Text_Filter Horde_Text_Filter is a parent class for defining stackable text filters.
Horde_Text_Filter_Base Horde_Text_Filter_Base:: is the parent class for defining a text filter.
Horde_Text_Filter_Bbcode The Horde_Text_Filter_Bbcode:: class finds bbcode-style markup (see below) in a block of text and turns it into HTML.
Horde_Text_Filter_Cleanascii Removes some common entities and high-ascii or otherwise nonstandard characters common in text pasted from Microsoft Word into a browser.
Horde_Text_Filter_Cleanhtml This filter attempts to sanitize HTML by cleaning up malformed HTML tags.
Horde_Text_Filter_Dimsignature Displays message signatures marked by a '-- ' in the style of the CSS class "signature".
Horde_Text_Filter_Emails The Horde_Text_Filter_Emails:: class finds email addresses in a block of text and turns them into links.
Horde_Text_Filter_Emoticons The Horde_Text_Filter_Emoticons:: class finds emoticon strings in a block of text and does a transformation on them.
Horde_Text_Filter_Environment Replaces occurences of %VAR% with VAR, if VAR exists in the webserver's environment. Ignores all text after a '#' character (shell-style comments).
Horde_Text_Filter_Exception Exception handler for the Horde_Text_Filter package.
Horde_Text_Filter_Highlightquotes Highlights quoted messages with different colors for the different quoting levels.
Horde_Text_Filter_Html2text Takes HTML and converts it to formatted, plain text.
Horde_Text_Filter_JavascriptMinify This filter cleans up javascript output by running it through an optimizer/compressor.
Horde_Text_Filter_Linkurls The Horde_Text_Filter_Linkurls:: class turns all URLs in the text into hyperlinks. The regex used is adapted from John Gruber's: http://daringfireball.net/2010/07/improved_regex_for_matching_urls
Horde_Text_Filter_Msoffice Takes HTML and removes any MS Office formatting quirks.
Horde_Text_Filter_Simplemarkup Highlights simple markup as used in emails or usenet postings.
Horde_Text_Filter_Space2html The space2html filter converts horizontal whitespace to HTML code.
Horde_Text_Filter_Tabs2spaces The Horde_Text_Filter_Tabs2spaces:: converts tabs into spaces.
Horde_Text_Filter_Text2html Turn text into HTML with varying levels of parsing. For no html whatsoever, use htmlspecialchars() instead.
Horde_Text_Filter_Translation Horde_Text_Filter_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Text_Filter.
Horde_Text_Filter_Words Filters the given text based on the words found in a word list.
Horde_Text_Filter_Xss This filter attempts to make HTML safe for viewing. IT IS NOT PERFECT. If you enable HTML viewing, you are opening a security hole.