Horde_Test_AllTests Horde base test suite
Horde_Test_AllTests_TestRunner TestRunner for Horde AllTests.php scripts.
Horde_Test_Autoload Reduced Horde Autoloader for test suites.
Horde_Test_Bootstrap Bootstrap code for PHPUnit tests.
Horde_Test_Case Basic Horde test case helper.
Horde_Test_Exception The exception specific to this package.
Horde_Test_Factory_Alarm Generates an alarm setup for the test situation.
Horde_Test_Factory_Cache Generates test cache.
Horde_Test_Factory_Db Generates test database connectors.
Horde_Test_Factory_Group Generates test group services.
Horde_Test_Factory_Hashtable Generates test hashtable object.
Horde_Test_Factory_History Generates the history service for testing purposes.
Horde_Test_Factory_KolabStorage Generates a Kolab storage handler.
Horde_Test_Factory_Mongo Generates test MongoDB database.
Horde_Test_Factory_Perms Generates the test permission service.
Horde_Test_Factory_Prefs Generates preferences services for testing purposes.
Horde_Test_Factory_Registry Generates registry services for testing purposes.
Horde_Test_Factory_Session Generates a dummy session.
Horde_Test_Factory_Share Generates test database connectors.
Horde_Test_Functional Horde test case helper.
Horde_Test_Log Provides utilities to test for log output.
Horde_Test_Setup A test helper for generating complex test setups.
Horde_Test_Stub_Cli A test helper for testing Horde_Cli based classes.
Horde_Test_Stub_Factory A test helper replacing real factories.
Horde_Test_Stub_Parser A test helper for testing Horde_Argv based classes.
Horde_Test_Stub_Registry A test replacement for Horde_Registry.
Horde_Test_Stub_Registry_Loadconfig A test replacement for Horde_Registry_Loadconfig.