Horde_Smtp_Password Interface to allow dynamic generation of SMTP password.


Horde_Smtp An interface to an SMTP server (RFC 5321).
Horde_Smtp_Connection PHP stream connection to a SMTP server.
Horde_Smtp_Debug Handles debugging output for a Horde_Smtp object.
Horde_Smtp_Exception Exception handler for the Horde_Smtp package.
Horde_Smtp_Exception_Recipients Extended exception class that provides information on recipient addresess that failed.
Horde_Smtp_Filter_Body Stream filter to determine whether body needs to be sent as 8-bit (STD 71/RFC 6152) or binary (RFC 3030).
Horde_Smtp_Filter_Data Stream filter to escape output to the SMTP DATA command (RFC 5321 []).
Horde_Smtp_Lmtp An interface to an LMTP server (RFC 2033).
Horde_Smtp_Password_Xoauth2 Generates an OAuth 2.0 authentication token as used in the Gmail XOAUTH2 authentication mechanism.
Horde_Smtp_Translation Translation wrapper class for Horde_Smtp.