Horde_SessionHandler This class provides the interface to the session storage backend.
Horde_SessionHandler_Exception Exception handler for the SessionHandler package.
Horde_SessionHandler_Storage This is the abstract class that all SessionHandler storage drivers inherit from.
Horde_SessionHandler_Storage_Builtin SessionHandler storage implementation for PHP's built-in session handler.
Horde_SessionHandler_Storage_External SessionHandler storage implementation for an external save handler defined via configuration parameters.
Horde_SessionHandler_Storage_File SessionHandler implementation for storage in text files.
Horde_SessionHandler_Storage_Hashtable Horde_HashTable SessionHandler driver.
Horde_SessionHandler_Storage_Memcache Memcache sessionhandler driver.
Horde_SessionHandler_Storage_Mongo MongoDB storage driver.
Horde_SessionHandler_Storage_Sql SessionHandler storage implementation for SQL databases.
Horde_SessionHandler_Storage_Stack SessionHandler storage implementation that will loop through a list of storage drivers to handle the session information.