Horde_Push_Recipient This interface describes content recipients.


Horde_Push A content element that will be pushed to various recipients.
Horde_Push_Cli Command line tool for pushing content to social networks.
Horde_Push_Exception The exception specific to Horde_Push.
Horde_Push_Factory_Push Creates the Horde_Push content object.
Horde_Push_Factory_Recipients Creates the Horde_Push recipients.
Horde_Push_Recipient_Base The base recipient implementation.
Horde_Push_Recipient_Blogger Blogger.com as recipient.
Horde_Push_Recipient_Facebook Facebook as recipient.
Horde_Push_Recipient_Mail E-mail recipients.
Horde_Push_Recipient_Mock A mock recipient.
Horde_Push_Recipient_Twitter Twitter as recipient.
Horde_Push_Translation Horde_Push_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Push.