Horde_Pgp A framework to interact with the OpenPGP standard (RFC 4880).
Horde_Pgp_Armor Parse PGP armored text data.
Horde_Pgp_Backend Abstract backend class to implement PGP functionality.
Horde_Pgp_Backend_Openpgp PGP backend that uses the openpgp-php library.
Horde_Pgp_Crypt_Cast128 CAST5 (RFC 2144) implementation, using OpenSSL, sufficient to do encryption/decryption for purposes of OpenPGP_Crypt_Symmetric.
Horde_Pgp_Crypt_DSA DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm) implementation.
Horde_Pgp_Crypt_Elgamal Elgamal encryption implementation (w/EME-PKCS1-v1_5 block encoding).
Horde_Pgp_Element Abstract class representing a PGP data element.
Horde_Pgp_Element_Key Abstract class representing a PGP key.
Horde_Pgp_Element_Message PGP element: signed, encrypted, or compressed file.
Horde_Pgp_Element_PrivateKey PGP element: private key.
Horde_Pgp_Element_PublicKey PGP element: public key.
Horde_Pgp_Element_Signature PGP element: signatures.
Horde_Pgp_Element_SignedMessage PGP armor part: signed message.
Horde_Pgp_Element_Text Non-armored text (i.e. literal data) appearing in PGP armored data.
Horde_Pgp_Exception Base exception class for the Horde_Pgp package.
Horde_Pgp_Keyserver Provides methods to connect to a PGP keyserver.
Horde_Pgp_Mime Extend the PGP object to produce MIME PGP data (RFC 3156).
Horde_Pgp_Translation Translation wrapper class for Horde_Pgp.