Horde_Pack A replacement for serialize()/json_encode() that will automatically use the most efficient serialization available based on the input.
Horde_Pack_Autodetermine Auto-determine whether data contains PHP objects (an object that must be serialized to be preserved).
Horde_Pack_Driver Abstract driver class for implementing a pack driver.
Horde_Pack_Driver_Igbinary PHP igbinary extension handler.
Horde_Pack_Driver_Json PHP built-in json_encode()/json_decode() handler.
Horde_Pack_Driver_Msgpack PHP msgpack extension handler (non-serialized methods).
Horde_Pack_Driver_Msgpackserialize PHP msgpack extension handler (serialized methods).
Horde_Pack_Driver_Serialize PHP built-in serialize()/unserialize() handler.
Horde_Pack_Exception Exception handler for the horde/Pack package.