Horde_Mime_Headers_Element_Address An interface to indicate that the header element represents e-mail address data (RFC 5322).
Horde_Mime_Headers_Extension_Mime This interface indicates the header is MIME based (RFC 2045 et al.) rather than transport (i.e. RFC 5322) based.


Horde_Mime Provide methods for dealing with MIME encoding (RFC 2045-2049);
Horde_Mime_ContentParam_Decode Decode MIME content parameter data (RFC 2045; 2183; 2231).
Horde_Mime_Exception Exception handler for the Horde_Mime package.
Horde_Mime_Filter_Encoding Stream filter to determine whether body requires either binary or 8bit encoding (RFC 2045 [6]).
Horde_Mime_Headers This class represents the collection of header values for a single mail message part.
Horde_Mime_Headers_Addresses This class represents address fields (RFC 5322).
Horde_Mime_Headers_AddressesMulti This class represents address fields that may appear multiple times in a message part (i.e. they are independent of each other) (RFC 5322).
Horde_Mime_Headers_ContentDescription This class represents the Content-Description header value (RFC 2045[8]).
Horde_Mime_Headers_ContentId This class represents the Content-ID header value (RFC 2045 [7]).
Horde_Mime_Headers_ContentLanguage This class represents the Content-Language header value (RFC 3282).
Horde_Mime_Headers_ContentParam This class represents a header element that contains MIME content parameters (RFCs 2045, 2183, 2231).
Horde_Mime_Headers_ContentParam_ContentDisposition This class represents a Content-Disposition MIME header (RFC 2183).
Horde_Mime_Headers_ContentParam_ContentType This class represents a Content-Type MIME header (RFC 2045).
Horde_Mime_Headers_ContentTransferEncoding This class represents the Content-Transfer-Encoding header value (RFC 2045 [6]).
Horde_Mime_Headers_Date This class represents the Date header value (RFC 5322).
Horde_Mime_Headers_Deprecated Deprecated Horde_Mime_Headers methods.
Horde_Mime_Headers_Element This class represents a single header element.
Horde_Mime_Headers_Element_Multiple Interface representing a single named header element that can appear multiple times in a message part.
Horde_Mime_Headers_Element_Single Interface representing a single named header element that can only appear once in a message part.
Horde_Mime_Headers_Identification This class represents identification headers (RFC 5322 [3.6.4]).
Horde_Mime_Headers_MessageId This class represents the Message-ID header value (RFC 2822 [3.6.4]).
Horde_Mime_Headers_Mime This class handles all MIME headers that don't have a specific class defined for them.
Horde_Mime_Headers_MimeVersion This class represents the MIME-Version header value (RFC 2046[4]).
Horde_Mime_Headers_Received This class represents the Received header value.
Horde_Mime_Headers_Subject This class represents the Subject header value (RFC 5322).
Horde_Mime_Headers_UserAgent This class represents the User-Agent header value.
Horde_Mime_Id Provides methods to manipulate/query MIME IDs.
Horde_Mime_Magic Utilities to determine MIME content-types of unknown content.
Horde_Mime_Mail The Horde_Mime_Mail:: class wraps around the various MIME library classes to provide a simple interface for creating and sending MIME messages.
Horde_Mime_Mdn Message Disposition Notifications (RFC 3798).
Horde_Mime_Part Object-oriented representation of a MIME part (RFC 2045-2049).
Horde_Mime_Part_Iterator Recursive iterator for Horde_Mime_Part objects. This iterator is self-contained and independent of all other iterators.
Horde_Mime_Part_Upgrade_V1 Upgrade V1 of MIME serialized data to V2.
Horde_Mime_QuotedPrintable Quoted-printable utility methods.
Horde_Mime_Related This class parses a multipart/related MIME part (RFC 2387) to provide information on the part contents.
Horde_Mime_Translation Horde_Mime_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Mime.
Horde_Mime_Uudecode Class used to uudecode data.