Horde_Mail_Exception Exception handler for the Horde_Mail class.
Horde_Mail_Mbox_Parse This object allows easy access to parsing mbox data (RFC 4155).
Horde_Mail_Rfc822 RFC 822/2822/3490/5322 Email parser/validator.
Horde_Mail_Rfc822_Address Object representation of a RFC 822 e-mail address.
Horde_Mail_Rfc822_Group Object representation of a RFC 822 group e-mail address.
Horde_Mail_Rfc822_GroupList Container object for a collection of group addresses.
Horde_Mail_Rfc822_Identification Class to parse identification headers (RFC 5322 [3.6.4]): Message-ID, References, and In-Reply-To.
Horde_Mail_Rfc822_List Container object for a collection of RFC 822 elements.
Horde_Mail_Rfc822_Object Object representation of an RFC 822 element.
Horde_Mail_Translation Translation wrapper for the Horde_Mail package.
Horde_Mail_Transport Mail transport base class.
Horde_Mail_Transport_Lmtphorde LMTP implementation using the Horde_Smtp package.
Horde_Mail_Transport_Mail Internal PHP-mail() interface.
Horde_Mail_Transport_Mock Mock implementation, for testing.
Horde_Mail_Transport_Null Null implementation of the mail transport interface.
Horde_Mail_Transport_Sendmail Sendmail interface.
Horde_Mail_Transport_Smtp SMTP implementation.
Horde_Mail_Transport_Smtphorde SMTP implementation using Horde_Smtp.
Horde_Mail_Transport_Smtpmx SMTP MX implementation.