Horde_Kolab_Storage The Horde_Kolab_Storage class provides the means to access the Kolab server storage for groupware objects.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data Defines the Kolab data handler.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Query Represents a data query.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Query_History Defines the data synchronization hook for history data.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Query_Preferences Defines the data query for preferences data.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver The driver definition for accessing Kolab storage.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder The interface describing a Kolab folder.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Stamp Defines unique stamps that allow to determine if folder data has changed or not.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_HistoryPrefix Copyright 2015-2017 Horde LLC (http://www.horde.org/)
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Manipulation_Listener Describes a manipulation listener.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Synchronization_Listener Describes a synchronization listener.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Queriable Marks a queriable class.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Query Represents a query.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_QuerySet Represents a set of queries.


Horde_Kolab_Storage_Base The basis for Kolab storage access.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Cache The Kolab_Cache class provides a cache for Kolab groupware objects.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Cache_Data A cache backend for Kolab storage data handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Cached The cached variant for the Kolab storage handler [the default].
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Base The basic handler for data objects in a Kolab storage folder.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Cached The cache decorator for Kolab storage data handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Decorator_Log A log decorator for the data handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Exception The exception marker for data specific Horde_Kolab_Storage errors.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Old The Kolab_Data class represents a data type in a Kolab storage folder on the Kolab server.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Query_History_Base The hook that updates the Horde history information once data gets synchronized with the Kolab backend.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Query_History_Cache The cache based hook that updates the Horde history information once data gets synchronized with the Kolab backend.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Query_Preferences_Base Basic query for preferences data.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Data_Query_Preferences_Cache Cached access to the preferences data.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Decorator_Log A log decorator for the Kolab storage handler.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Decorator_Synchronization A synchronization decorator for the Kolab storage handler.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Base The base driver definition for accessing Kolab storage drivers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Cclient An cclient based Kolab storage driver.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Decorator_Base The basic driver decorator definition for accessing Kolab storage.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Decorator_Log A log decorator definition for the Kolab storage drivers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Decorator_Timer A stop watch decorator for outgoing requests from the Kolab storage drivers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Imap The IMAP driver class for accessing Kolab storage.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Mock An Kolab storage mock driver.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Mock_Data Data storage for the mock driver.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Pear An PEAR-Net_Imap based Kolab storage driver.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Driver_Rcube A Roundcube Imap based Kolab storage driver.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Exception This class provides the standard error class for Kolab Storage exceptions.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Exception_Pear This class converts PEAR errors into exceptions for the Kolab_Storage package.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Factory A generic factory for the various Kolab_Storage classes.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Base The Kolab_Folder class represents an single folder in the Kolab backend.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Data A helper for folder data.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace The Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace:: class handles IMAP namespaces and allows to derive folder information from folder names.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Config The Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Config class allows to configure the available IMAP namespaces on the Kolab server.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element The Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element:: class represents a namespace type.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element_Other The Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element_Other:: class represents the namespace for folders of other users.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element_Personal The Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element_Personal:: class represents the namespace for folders owned by the currently authenticated user.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element_Shared The Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element_Shared:: class represents the shared namespace.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element_SharedWithPrefix The Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Element_Shared:: class represents the shared namespace and hides the prefix of that shared namespace.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Fixed The Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Fixed:: implements the default IMAP namespaces on the Kolab server.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Imap The Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Namespace_Config:: allows to use the information from the IMAP NAMESPACE command to identify the IMAP namespaces on the Kolab server.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Stamp_Uids A folder stamp that includes a list of UIDs.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Type Handles folder types.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Folder_Types Factory for folder types.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Cache A cache backend for Kolab storage list handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Exception The exception marker for list specific Horde_Kolab_Storage errors.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Manipulation Describes Kolab folder list manipulators.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Manipulation_Base Handles all manipulations of a Horde_Kolab_Storage_List.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Manipulation_Decorator_Log Logs Kolab folder list manipulations.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_Acl Defines the ACL query.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_Acl_Base Handles a list of folder acls.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_Acl_Cache Handles a cached list of folder acls.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_ActiveSync The interface of the query for active sync settings.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_ActiveSync_Base Handles a active sync parameters.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_ActiveSync_Cache Caches active sync parameters.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_List The interface of the basic list query.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_List_Base The basic list query.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_List_Cache The cached list query.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_List_Cache_Synchronization Handles synchronization of the list query cache.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_List_Defaults Handles the list of default folders and protects against more than default of a single folder type.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_List_Defaults_Bail Protects against more than one default folder per type by bailing out.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_List_Defaults_Log Protects against more than one default folder per type by logging an error.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_Share The interface of the share information query.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_Share_Base Handles a share parameters.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Query_Share_Cache Caches share parameters.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Synchronization Describes the synchronization handler.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Synchronization_Base Transmits a synchronization signal to all listeners caching information from a Horde_Kolab_Storage_List.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Synchronization_Decorator_Log Logs list synchronization requests.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_List_Tools Manages and provides the toolset available for dealing with the list of Kolab folders.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Object Represents a single Kolab object.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Object_Exception The exception marker for data specific Horde_Kolab_Storage_Object errors.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Object_MimeType Mime type handling for Kolab objects.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Object_Writer Handles the conversion of Kolab MIME part contents to data arrays.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Object_Writer_Format Converts between Kolab MIME parts and data arrays.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Object_Writer_Raw Keeps Kolab MIME part content as unmodified string.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_QuerySet_Base Adds a set of uncached queries to the list handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_QuerySet_Cached Adds a set of cached queries to the list handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_QuerySet_Uncached Adds a set of uncached queries to the list handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Synchronization Handles synchronization with the backend.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Synchronization_OncePerSession Synchronization strategy that synchronizes once per session with the backend.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Synchronization_TimeBased Synchronization strategy that synchronizes at certain intervals.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Synchronization_Token Synchronization strategy that synchronizes at certain intervals.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Translation Horde_Kolab_Storage_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Kolab_Storage.
Horde_Kolab_Storage_Uncached The basic handler for accessing data from Kolab storage.