Horde_Kolab_Session The interface describing Horde_Kolab_Session handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Storage Defines storage containers for the Kolab session information.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Valid Interface for session validators.


Horde_Kolab_Session_Abstract The Horde_Kolab_Session_Abstract class provides general functionality for the Kolab user session data.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Base The Horde_Kolab_Session_Base class holds user details retrieved via LDAP in the current session.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Decorator_Anonymous The Horde_Kolab_Session_Anonymous class allows anonymous access to the Kolab system.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Decorator_Base The Horde_Kolab_Session_Decorator_Base provides a base for session decorators.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Decorator_Logged A logger for Horde_Kolab_Session handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Decorator_Stored Storage for Horde_Kolab_Session handlers.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Exception The standard error class for Kolab Session exceptions.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Exception_Badlogin Indicate bad login credentials.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Factory_Imap The Horde_Kolab_Session_Factory_Imap class allows to dependency inject the IMAP client.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Imap The Horde_Kolab_Session_Imap class relies on predefined Kolab user details and validates the credentials against the IMAP server only.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Storage_Mock A mock container for the Kolab session information.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Storage_Session Defines storage containers for the Kolab session information.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Valid_Base A class to check if the given session is valid.
Horde_Kolab_Session_Valid_Decorator_Logged A logger for Horde_Kolab_Session_Valid validators.