Horde_Itip_Event Defines the event interface required for iTip-Handling / resource booking.
Horde_Itip_Resource Provides information about an invited resource.
Horde_Itip_Response_Options Holds iTip response options.
Horde_Itip_Response_Type Marks the response type.


Horde_Itip Handles iTip invitation requests/responses.
Horde_Itip_Event_Vevent A wrapper for vEvent iCalender data.
Horde_Itip_Event_Vtodo A wrapper for vTodo iCalender data.
Horde_Itip_Exception This class provides the standard error class for Horde_Itip exceptions.
Horde_Itip_Resource_Base Simple information provider for an invited resource.
Horde_Itip_Resource_Identity Horde_Prefs_Identity based information provider for an invited resource.
Horde_Itip_Response Handles Itip response data.
Horde_Itip_Response_Options_Base Holds iTip response options.
Horde_Itip_Response_Options_Horde Handles iTip response options for Horde iTip responses.
Horde_Itip_Response_Options_Kolab Handles iTip response options for Kolab iTip responses.
Horde_Itip_Response_Type_Accept Indicates an accepted invitation.
Horde_Itip_Response_Type_Base Basic iTip response type definition.
Horde_Itip_Response_Type_Decline Indicates a declined invitation.
Horde_Itip_Response_Type_Tentative Indicates a tentatively accepted invitation.
Horde_Itip_Response_Vtodo Handles Itip response data for vTodo.
Horde_Itip_Translation Horde_Itip_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Itip.