Horde_Imsp_Auth_Base Abstract IMSP authentication class.
Horde_Imsp_Auth_CramMd5 IMSP authentication class for CRAM-MD5 authentication.
Horde_Imsp_Auth_Imtest IMSP authentication class for authentication through imtest.
Horde_Imsp_Auth_Plaintext IMSP authentication class for plaintext LOGIN authentication.
Horde_Imsp_Book Horde_Imsp_Book Class - provides api for dealing with IMSP address books.
Horde_Imsp_Client_Base The Horde_Imsp_Client base class.
Horde_Imsp_Client_Socket The Horde_Imsp_Client base class.
Horde_Imsp_Exception The Horde_Imsp_Exception class
Horde_Imsp_Options Horde_Imsp_Options Class - provides an interface to IMSP server-based options storage.
Horde_Imsp_Translation Horde_Imsp_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Imsp.