Horde_Dav_Auth An authentication backend for Sabre that wraps Horde's authentication.
Horde_Dav_Calendar_Backend The calendar and task list backend wrapper.
Horde_Dav_Collection A collection (directory) object.
Horde_Dav_Contacts_Backend The address book backend wrapper.
Horde_Dav_Exception Base exception class for Horde_Dav.
Horde_Dav_File A file object.
Horde_Dav_Locks A locking backend.
Horde_Dav_Principals Backend implementation for listing and managing principals (users and groups).
Horde_Dav_RootCollection A collection (directory) object for the root folder.
Horde_Dav_Storage_Base Base class for storage backends.
Horde_Dav_Storage_Sql Implements an SQL based storage backend.
Horde_Dav_Translation Horde_Dav_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Dav.