Horde_Data_Storage Abstract class that implements the temporary storage backend.


Horde_Data Abstract class to handle different kinds of Data formats and to help data exchange between Horde applications and external sources.
Horde_Data_Base Abstract class that Data drivers extend.
Horde_Data_Csv Horde_Data implementation for comma-separated data (CSV).
Horde_Data_Exception Exception handler for the Horde_Data package.
Horde_Data_Exception_Charset Exception handler for the Horde_Data package that indicates the wrong charset was provided for the given data.
Horde_Data_Icalendar This is iCalendar (vCalendar).
Horde_Data_Imc Abstract implementation of the Horde_Data:: API for IMC data - vCards and iCalendar data, etc.
Horde_Data_Outlookcsv Horde_Data implementation for Outlook comma-separated data (CSV).
Horde_Data_Storage_Mock A mocked version of the storage class that stores data for the current page access only.
Horde_Data_Translation Horde_Data_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Data.
Horde_Data_Tsv Horde_Data implementation for tab-separated data (TSV).
Horde_Data_Vcard Implement the Horde_Data:: API for vCard data.
Horde_Data_Vnote Implement the Horde_Data:: API for vNote data.
Horde_Data_Vtodo Implement the Horde_Data:: API for vTodo data.