Horde_Crypt Provides an API for various cryptographic systems used by Horde applications.
Horde_Crypt_Exception Exception handler for the horde/Crypt package.
Horde_Crypt_Pgp A framework for Horde applications to interact with the GNU Privacy Guard program ("GnuPG"). GnuPG implements the OpenPGP standard (RFC 4880).
Horde_Crypt_Pgp_Backend Abstract backend class to implement PGP functionality.
Horde_Crypt_Pgp_Backend_Binary PGP backend that uses the gnupg binary.
Horde_Crypt_Pgp_Keyserver Provides methods to connect to a PGP keyserver.
Horde_Crypt_Pgp_Parse Provides methods to parse PGP armored text data.
Horde_Crypt_Smime Library to interact with the OpenSSL library and implement S/MIME.
Horde_Crypt_Translation Horde_Crypt_Translation is the translation wrapper class for Horde_Crypt.