Horde_Constraint Interface for constraints.


Horde_Constraint_AlwaysFalse Always returns false
Horde_Constraint_AlwaysTrue Always returns true
Horde_Constraint_And Represents a collection of constraints, if one is false, this collection will evaluate to false
Horde_Constraint_Coupler Interface for grouped (compound, coupled) constraints.
Horde_Constraint_IsEqual Checks for equality
Horde_Constraint_IsInstanceOf Checks for an instance of a class
Horde_Constraint_Not Negates another constraint
Horde_Constraint_Null Checks if the value is null
Horde_Constraint_Or Represents a collection of constraints, if any are true, the collection will evaluate to true.
Horde_Constraint_PregMatch Matches against a PCRE regex