Horde_Cli_Modular_Module The Horde_Cli_Modular_Module interface characterizes a single CLI module.
Horde_Cli_Modular_ModuleUsage The Horde_Cli_Modular_ModuleUsage interface extends the Horde_Cli_Modular_Module interface with new functionality.


Horde_Cli_Modular Glue class for a modular CLI.
Horde_Cli_Modular_Exception This provides the standard exception class for this package.
Horde_Cli_Modular_ModuleProvider The Horde_Cli_Modular_ModuleProvider:: class provides access to a single module.
Horde_Cli_Modular_Modules The Horde_Cli_Modular_Modules:: class handles a set of CLI modules.