Horde_Cache This class provides the API interface to the cache storage drivers.
Horde_Cache_Exception Exception handler for the horde/Cache package.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Apc Cache storage in the Alternative PHP Cache (APC).
Horde_Cache_Storage_Base The abstract implementation of the cache storage driver.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Eaccelerator Cache storage in eAccelerator (version 0.9.5+).
Horde_Cache_Storage_File Cache storage in the filesystem.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Hashtable Cache storage using the Horde_HashTable interface.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Memcache Cache storage on a memcache installation.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Memory Cache storage in PHP memory.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Memoryoverlay A memory overlay for a cache backend. Caches results in PHP memory for the current access so the underlying cache backend is not continually hit.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Mock Cache storage in PHP memory.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Mongo Cache storage in a MongoDB database.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Null Null cache storage driver.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Session Cache storage in a PHP session.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Sql Cache storage in a SQL databsae.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Stack Driver that loops through a given list of storage drivers to search for a cached value. Allows for use of caching backends on top of persistent backends.
Horde_Cache_Storage_Xcache Cache storage in Xcache.