Horde_Ajax_Application Defines the AJAX interface for Horde.
Horde_Ajax_Application_FacebookHandler Defines the AJAX actions used in the Facebook client.
Horde_Ajax_Application_Handler Defines the AJAX actions used in Horde.
Horde_Ajax_Application_TwitterHandler Defines the AJAX actions used in the Twitter client.
Horde_Api Horde external API interface.
Horde_Autoloader_ClassPathMapper_HordeDevel Provides a classmapper that loads Horde libraries from a directory containing the git development source trees of the libraries.
Horde_Block_Account Copyright 2001-2017 Horde LLC (http://www.horde.org/)
Horde_Block_Account_Base Horde_Block_Account_Base defines an API for getting/displaying account information for a user for the accounts module.
Horde_Block_Account_Finger Implements the Accounts API using finger to fetch information.
Horde_Block_Account_Ldap The ldap class attempts to return user information stored in an ldap directory service.
Horde_Block_Account_Localhost Implements the Accounts API for servers with unix accounts on the localhost machine (same machine as the web server). Should work for local unix accounts, nis/nis+ accounts, or any PAM oriented accounts that appear as local accounts on the local machine. The exception is the quota support.
Horde_Block_FbStream Block for displaying the current user's Facebook stream, with the ability to filter it using the same Facebook filters available on facebook.com. Also provides ability to update the current user's status.
Horde_Block_Metar An applet for the portal screen to display METAR weather data for a specified location (currently airports).
Horde_Block_TwitterTimeline A bare-bones twitter client in a Horde block.
Horde_Block_Weather Horde_Block_Weather
Horde_Cli_Backup Command line application for horde-backup script.
Horde_LoginTasks_SystemTask_GarbageCollection Login system task for automated garbage collection tasks.
Horde_LoginTasks_SystemTask_Upgrade Login system task for automated upgrade tasks.
Horde_LoginTasks_Task_AdminCheck Login task to check various Horde configuration/setup values, and then report failures to an admin via the notification system.
Horde_LoginTasks_Task_LastLogin Login task to output last login information.
Horde_LoginTasks_Task_TosAgreement Login tasks module that presents a TOS Agreement page to user.
Horde_LoginTasks_Task_UpgradeCheck Login task to check for Horde upgrades, and then report upgrades to an admin via the notification system.
Horde_Prefs_Special_Activesync Special prefs handling for the 'activesyncmanagement' preference.
Horde_Prefs_Special_Category Special prefs handling for the 'categorymanagement' preference.
Horde_Prefs_Special_Facebook Special prefs handling for the 'facebookmanagement' preference.
Horde_Prefs_Special_Syncml Special prefs handling for the 'syncmlmanagement' preference.
Horde_Prefs_Special_Twitter Special prefs handling for the 'twittermanagement' preference.
Horde_Tree_Renderer_Menu The Horde_Tree_Menu class renders the tree structure of the top application menu.
Horde_Tree_Renderer_Sidebar The Horde_Tree_Sidebar class renders tree structures in the sidebar menus.
Horde_View_Sidebar This is a view of the application-specific sidebar.
Horde_View_Topbar This is a view of the Horde topbar.






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